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The story of The Four Seasons Diner began back in 2008 with Joe Palmisano’s desire to create a diner that was beyond anyone's expectations. Joe’s extensive experience in the catering business & restaurant industry served as a solid foundation for opening The Four Seasons Diner and also contributed to its unique menu.

Today, it is one of the most popular diners on the Jersey Shore. On any given afternoon, you’ll find both locals and tourists enjoying a quick bite to eat or a special meal with their family members and friends.

The Four Seasons Diner gives your taste buds the chance to match each season’s mood, experiencing the coziness of fall and the crispness of spring all in one menu. Like the slogan says, "the only thing diner about us is the name." The menu is just as diverse as the changing of the seasons.

Joe Four Seasons Interview
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It’s been over a decade since we opened our doors and we couldn’t be happier with how things have gone so far. The Four Seasons Diner has taken on a life of its own with a unique personality created by all who sit at our table; the amazing people who enjoy a meal at our diner will be remembered long after their plate is cleared. We couldn’t make it without you.

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